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Jul 5, 2010 8:00pm EDT
maryland and vermont. >> good evening. we are honored to have the governors here. and for all of us here. we are looking forward to your remarks tonight. each of the speakers will be speaking for five or 10 minutes. after which we will give them a chance to ask each other questions and interact. our first speaker tonight is madeline, the governor of vermont. in 2009 she won the al gore -- eleanor roosevelt metal. she is the fourth woman to be elected governor, but the first to be elected for three terms. during the clinton administration she served as deputy secretary of the department of -- currently she is the professor at the university of vermont and a blocker on the -- blogger on the "huffington post." as i go through these introductions, he will get a full introduction in your program. thank you for coming. [applause] >> the first one they say is it is great to be in this historic building. you feel the wavelengths of history going through the room. i am honored to be visiting a land of lincoln. this is a broad subjects. you can look at it from the point of view as educating studen
Jul 15, 2010 8:00pm EDT
goes far and wide. we, in the state of maryland, rely heavily on our friends in the gulf for oysters, for the well-known and yummy gulf shrimp, and not regrettably, but they are a good supplement to our wonderful chesapeake bay blue crabs. we need to know that seafood is safe, and the american public needs to know that the seafood is safe for the simple reason that we want them to continue to feel comfortable buying gulf products so that the economic consequences is not multiplied where first of all they have closed the fishing areas, and that i have closed the beaches, but they have closed the fishing areas and then people say, well, i'm not going the buy it, because i worry about it. one, we need to insure the safety and then we need good publ information about that. i want to come back to that, but i want to go right to this idea of the unified command and who does what. i have been concerned about the ified command, because it soundsto me, like when i heard it, it sounded so cool and command and control and decisive and quit-witted and swift of boat and foot. but when i got, ther
Jul 26, 2010 8:00pm EDT
the state of maryland -- my friend and colleague from the state of maryland has been active in every single issue that we have addressed in this body to deal with jobs and on the economy and it's just indeed a real pleasure for me to yield some time to her this evening because she is always very, very prepared and very knowledgeable and very intellectual formative. at this time i'd -- and very informative. at this time i yield to ms. edwards. ms. edwards: i thank the gentlelady and, madam speaker, i have to tell you, it really troubles me to be here this evening because once again we have to point to action by house democrats to bring jobs to the american people and inaction by our republican colleagues, particularly those who sit in the united states senate, who have failed to deliver on the promise of jobs to the american people. now, when president obama came into office, i think that month, madam speaker, we lost something like 750,000 jobs just that one month. after having hemorrhaged for over a year thousands and thousands of jobs, not creating a single job in this country, sooned the
Jul 1, 2010 8:00pm EDT
maryland, donna edwards. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. edwards: i rise in support as a co-sponsor of this amendment and i thank congresswoman lee. this amendment requires that we act on evidence and we know that based on the evidence our afghanistan policy is a failure. numerous strategies and restated mission statements from president bush to prime minister gordon brown to prime minister blair to president obama, we -- restated mission statements continue to fall short. u.s. military reported that 102 coalition forces were killed in june alone along with the people of afghanistan heightening the iraq war. we need to use our resources to bring our troops, our treasure home. i want to be clear. my opposition to the war is opposition to the policy and not to the brave men and women about we do an an injustice if we do not have a debate. i have seen the conditions on the ground just recently and this war will never end quickly, if at all. i urge my colleagues to support this amendment. and whether it was miss crystal or petraeus, it's not about the generals
Jul 23, 2010 6:30pm EDT
, it doesn't. it just what that particular well is comprised of. host: baltimore, maryland. bill, democratic line. caller: good morning a long time listener to "washington journal." good morning, sir. i agree that the moratorium was probably a jam too fast. they need to look a little further. item on the left a little bit but i have to tell you, just about harry reid, i think that was just him running for senate. he is running for his life. basically cap-and-trade was a victim of that. as to employment and your jobs on the rigs -- in the refineries, i have two cousins in texas in houston, if you are talking about job creation on the refinery site, sir, i have to correct you, they have been downsizing for years. if the refinery is hard not in the job creation business -- host: why are they downsizing? caller: automation and just the way business goes. across american industry, we have seen it. people get downsized. i just wanted to mention the truth of what happened. i would also offer that as far as the law goes an epa, you tell me you are in litigation. if the epa is not going to regulate y
Jul 16, 2010 6:30pm EDT
and vibrancy of the american economy. as maryland's commissioner of financial regulation over the last four years, i worked day and night to cover the devastating effects on our committee of the banking liquidity crisis and high unemployment and underemployment. at the same time, as a front- line bank regulator, i worked to revise and replacing effectual and counterproductive state regulation. if i am confirmed, my experience will deeply informs my actions at the federal reserve board. over the course of the last generation, the federal reserve has achieved price stability and successfully anchored long-term inflationary expectations. this achievement is critical to our economic strength and it remains a central institutional objective that i subscribe to wholeheartedly. it is only a partial victory when many american households continue to face the perils of unemployment and many small businesses struggle with weakened consumer demand and reduced access to credit. we need to strengthen this recovery by expanding its foundation. this means that, in addition to maintaining stable inflationar
Jul 22, 2010 8:00pm EDT
maryland is recognized. mr. hoyer: i thank my friend for yielding. and the time when it's my opportunity to speak is sometimes good and i think this is one of them. mr. hensarling just spoke. i have great respect for mr. hensarling. he works hard and focuses. he's philosophically well grounded and he follows his philosophy. i disagree with his philosophy. his fiscal premises. and his fiscal premises that were part of the last administration's approach to the finances of this country increased our deficit by 87%, from $5 trillion essentially to a little over $10 trillion. didn't quite double it, but 87% more debt under the bush administration. , that i -- think a call fiscal child abuse. why? because it was not done at a time of fiscal crisis, with large unemployment. than you employment was caused -- that unemployment was caused by the policies of the last administration. why do i say that? because under the clinton administration we created 21 million jobs in the private sector, just a little short of 21 million jobs, 22.8 million overall when you include public employment. and during t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)